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While the tin chapels and churches make up a relatively small number of the chapels in Wales, it is sobering to note that over 5000 chapels were built in Wales during the nineteenth century - over one a week. These chapels are now being lost forever at a similar rate through disuse, demolition or conversion to other uses. If you are interested in joining a society actively dedicated to the documentation and preservation of these and many more traditional chapels in Wales follow the links here to Capel: the Chapels Heritage Society.

Follow the link here to The Chapels Society based in England. They are also dedicated to preserving as much of the chapel heritage as possible.

An extremely good list of the churches and chapels in Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire (the former county of Dyfed) with an extensive selection of photographs can be found at

An excellent site detailing Methodist chapels on the Isle of Man can be found at

Bob Evans has detailed just about every church and chapel in Cardiff and district with pics of most.

Phil Draper's brilliant Bristol listing is at:

The standard reference work on this subject is almost certainly the book by Anthony Jones entitled simply Welsh Chapels. Published by Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd in the UK, ISBN 0-7509-1162-X. While it comprehensively covers the whole history of chapels in Wales from the earliest days, it has no detailed information about this peculiar offshoot of the chapel building fever. The author also produced a two part TV series for HTV in the UK 'On the Chapel Trail' (1995).